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Book: "Basic Quantum Mechanics for Electrical Engineering". Edited by Stefano Spezia. Arcler Press 2019. 0

Basic Quantum Mechanics for Electrical Engineering

DESCRIPTION Basic Quantum Mechanics for Electrical Engineering examines the basics of Quantum mechanics and a must have for Electrical Engineering. Readers are provided with detailed information on basic quantum mechanics specifically focused on Electrical...

Book: "Semiconductor Material Technologies". Edited by Stefano Spezia. Arcler Press 2019. 0

Semiconductor Material Technologies

DESCRIPTION Semiconductor Material Technologies examines various technologies related to semiconductor material that have been developed in the recent times. It includes five different sections corresponding to such technologies, where section 1 and 2 talks...


Vertical semicircular guide uniformly accelerated

Problem text A vertical semicircular guide, with radius and without friction, is constrained to a platform that moves with constant acceleration along the horizontal direction (see figure). A point body of mass , initially...


Conic sections: an introduction from space

The conic sections (or simply conics) are those curves that are obtained as the intersection of the surface of a cone with a plane. Here, we discuss what kind of curves are achieved by varying the characteristics of the plane...


Minimum speed to throw down a parallelepiped

Problem text Let us consider an object shaped as a parallelepiped and placed on a horizontal plane with friction (see figure). In particular, let us suppose that the object has a mass , a...

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